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SexuallyBroken.com - Original Sexual Bondage BDSM in HD.

About SexuallyBroken.com


Sexually Broken is the most realistic, authentic, and true marriage of tough bondage and rough sex on the internet. This site is really the first of it's kind. World renown Director/Rigger/Handler, Matt Williams has created the first BaRS (Bondage and Rough Sex) site anywhere. In all other BDSM porn sites with sex, either the male dominant is capable of doing professional rigging and handling, but can't or won't bring out his cock to sexually wreck his beautiful captives, or the porn stars who can bring the cock can't do any of the bondage or rigging worthy of professional BDSM or BaRS. They have other people do the bondage, and they simply walk into a scene. This creates a massive disconnect and takes away the true authenticity and chemistry that is needed to produce a realistic BDSM or BaRS sex scenes. You simply can’t put a flogger, or cane in a porn stars hand and call that Authentic. If you don't have the rigger/handler doing both the bondage and the sex, then you just have two actors, faking a sex scene with rope in the mix.

Sexually Broken is the only Authentic BaRS site in the world, The most beautiful and popular adult stars on the planet, bound helpless and completely sexually overloaded. The biggest names in porn begging for the pleasure to stop because they simply can not handle the orgasm overload. Nothing ever faked, all real orgasms, and squirting. The most beautiful girls on the planet taken to sexually heights they never knew existed. We leave them Sexually Broken and lost in SubSpace...

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